Product Review: Shimoda Explore 40 in Australia

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Product Review: Explore 40

Urban Adventure?

After six months of use, Australia based photographer Athol Hill, recently reviewed his Shimoda Design's Kickstarter Master Kit purchase. Athol admits he isn't your typical mountain photographer - "I’m not the sort of photographer that spends hours on the top of mountains or glaciers, I’m not a landscaper like the list of photographers you see on Shimoda’s ambassador list, in part because I don’t like getting up at 4am to catch a sunrise." But that doesn't make his opinion any less qualified. Reviewing his instagram account you can quickly get a feel for his image style, preferred subjects and an unquestionable lust for Fuji cameras. 

To clarify for anyone wondering, we don't just make packs for 'extreme' use - but we believe - if our packs can perform and co-exist with extreme adventure photographers in unpredictable environments, then our packs should work just as well in less intense scenarios. 

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If you wish to know why he says "The Shimoda 40L is great from a comfort perspective, the most comfortable bags I have used to date." you can read the rest of his review here.

- Ian

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Learn more about the Shimoda Explore 40 here.


Ian Millar