Podcast: Michael Shainblum on F-stop Collaborate and Listen

The latest episode of F-stop Collaborate and Listen features Team Shimoda member Michael Shainblum.

Host Matt Payne and guest Michael Shainblum cover a lot of great content in this one, including:

1. The story about how Michael got into photography.

2. How he gained traction as an artist early on.

3. Dealing with the pressure to post on social media. 

4. Fame & Responsibility in landscape photography.

5. The inspiration and why behind our shared interest in photographing the Milky Way. 

6. Transitioning away from night photography to other forms of photography - why and how it has affected the way he shoots.

7. Time management as an artist with a huge social media following.

8. How he photographed his "CASCADE - Waterfalls in Slow Motion" video (shown below).

Listen above or visit host Matt Payne's website here for more info.


You can follow Michael's work at:
Website: www.shainblumphoto.com
Instagram: @shainblumphotography

You can follow Matt and his podcasts here:
Website: www.mattpaynephotography.com
Instagram: @mattpaynephoto
Twitter: www.twitter.com/MattPaynePhoto
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MattPaynePhotography

Michael Shainblum uses the Explore 40 for most of his adventure photography missions. Learn more about the Explore 40 here.

- Ian