Explore 60

The definitive backpack for gear-obsessed adventure photographerS

The Explore 60 redefines the way professional image crafters pursue their images. Its user experience is fast, simple and intuitive while its carry performance will minimise physical fatigue. Direct access to camera gear and essentials like food, water and mobile devices helps you keep moving forward with limited interruptions. Adjustable volume and floating lid lets the most demanding photographers take on serious adventure without compromising gear needs.

Note: Core Units must be purchased separately OR in one of the Explore Kits below.

The construction quality is absolutely top rung. The build was done with palpable precision and exactness.
— Shutterbug

EXPLORE 60 available in these Kits

Starter kit

professional kit

master kit

Team kit




Multiple Access Points

The Shimoda Explore 60 backpack offers rear, side and top access options. The side opening is ideal for quick, under-the-arm access without completely removing the pack. The Rear opening allows wide, unobstructed access to the bulk of your gear for less time-sensitive shooting scenarios. Top access allows users to access their camera while the bag is standing, which is ideal when the main pack is filled with other gear.


Height Adjustable Harness

The Explore 60 backpack harness is height adjustable, allowing the same backpack to fit short or tall — male or female — torsos, and ensuring a custom fit for every user. There are four height options allowing approximately four inches in adjustment. Having the correct torso fit enables the internal frame to be much more effective in transferring shoulder stress and weight to rest comfortably on the user’s hips.


Core Unit Modular Camera Insert System

Perhaps the most forward-thinking modular camera inserts on the market, Shimoda’s Core Units are simple, smart and multifunctional. A user can increase their layout options with two or more Core Units by stacking and shifting how they are placed in the pack. This system allows for rear, side and top access configurations that be adjusted to suit changing terrain and environmental conditions.


Carry On Friendly

Our backpacks are sized to meet most airline carry-on requirements. Since carry-on dimensions vary by airplane size and style, and regulations are always changing, we recommend checking with your airline before the flight.

I really like the bag. It fits much better than any other bag I’ve used. The pack and harness system feels like it is a natural part of my body.
— Colby Brown



Explore 60 in action


Working with a lighter load?